Success Story

Success of Farm School on vegetable production under ATMA.

One mostly have walk for miles to reach a road head from interior villages in Anjaw District but agriculturally  these interior areas are very potential for organic crop production. Based on potential of villages the State Deptt. of Agriculture has identified many interior villages and set up farm school under ATMA programme which imparts knowledge on various HYV of crops and vegetables on need basis.

To encourage and impart technical support for vegetable production, a Farmers' Farm School for vegetable production was established in the farm of an achiever farmer - Sri. Songril Minin of Plunung Village under Manchal Circle of Anjaw District. Proper scientific guidance was done by the field functionaries of Agriculture Department and also ATMA.  Technical package of practices for crop production was practiced which resulted in bumper harvest never experienced by any farmers under Manchal circle. Many participating farmers under the Farm School opined that they never had proper knowledge of scientific way of cultivation of vegetable.  

Vegetable production was so good that the whole village with a population of 60 could not consume the production even after sharing amongst themselves; the surplus produce was even supplied to Yatong Middle School. Now the villages have develop the habit of cultivating the vegetables which grows organically without any use of inorganic chemical and fertilizers and they sell  it at  the Ulpani Bridge point (BRTF Road) where it is procured by daily commuters which has given the villagers an avenue to earn a better livelihood.